Things learned so far on this Japan trip

A list of successes, failures, improvements, and random facts from this trip.

  • Seabreeze is basically liquid Febreeze
  • Takuhaibun (aka Ta-Q-Bin) services are quite convenient, but you’ll “need” a phone number to use it
    • They didn’t call in my case since they successfully delivered at the time indicated
  • J!NS is cheap and convenient
    • I got my exam, frames, AND lenses for $85 and was able to pick them up 1 hour after I paid for them, AND I have astigmatism
    • Their PC lenses series takes 7-10 days though, so order them at a J!NS location at the beginning of your trip if possible (I missed out)
  • Last trains start shortly after midnight
  • The trains will start running again around 4:30am
  • Tickets to events are usually sold until a deadline, have to stay updated on stuff like that
  • Japanese ticket ordering websites are still a pain in the ass
  • The monetary difference between a Nozomi bullet train and a Hikari bullet train (a slower one) is almost negligible
  • Buy an umbrella when it rains because water can soak into your luggage