Taking the time to maintain relationships

Night skyline haze

I wanted to get in to the habit of writing daily. Unfortunately it’s 6am and I don’t believe I should be writing this early in the morning… this late at night rather.

I spent the night catching up with a friend on my current situation and the rut I am in. Apparently I needed a night like this more than I had originally thought. It has been over one month since my unemployment started and I have had very conflicted thoughts about my situation. I’ll detail more of that at a later date, but for now I want to talk about how important it is for us as human beings to maintain the relationships we have with each other.

I came across an article about the one thing everyone needs to be happier. Spoiler: the happiest and healthiest people are those who maintain close, intimate relationships.

My friend and I were able to vent to each other the frustrations we have been dealing with lately and we were also able to advise each other on what to do next. I definitely felt a weight lifted from my shoulders as sitting at home all day has really been draining for me, especially when I feel so uncertain about my future. I was also able to express to my friend how I believe our friendship should continue to be improved by honesty and genuine criticism as well as encouragement. He responded similarly and I believe we have been able to further develop a strong friendship.

I am physically exhausted, but my mental state has improved. I am also trying to run regularly again, so we are working on the mental health as well as the physical health! The bottom line is that I needed someone to confide in and tonight I was able to do so, resulting in my improved state of being. We human beings are social creatures so even some of the most introverted of us need some time with another being.

Spend time with someone special to you. Someone who will listen. Someone you will listen to. Continue to contribute time to those relationships that genuinely provide you value.