Amusing DLJ moments

A list of amusing things DLJ did during our Japan trip

  • Our first time visiting Alice Project, we bought 1 CD each to handshake some members. The girls were lined up in 3 different rows and we were going through the first row. DLJ proceeded to the next row after we finished, but the staff were like, “no you only get to shake with 1 row, your handshakes are over” and DLJ was thinking about buying more CDs.
  • DLJ told Itou Miu that she was his favorite. He then proceeded to get a 2shot cheki with another girl.
  • DLJ went to Alice Project again on another day and spent over $100 on handshakes and chekis.
  • After I was chatting with Kaori from Akihabara Backstage Pass, DLJ was like, “so what’s the deal with you two? You into her or something?”
  • While at the AKB48 2shot event, DLJ saw the election posters on display and said, “You think I can take this whole thing home?”
  • In front of the AKB48 Cafe, I could see DLJ hopping from one side to the other, looking at individual election posters.
  • DLJ asked our Japanese friend if she knew where we could find square watermelons. He then said, “I want to know how they taste. We don’t know what a square watermelon tastes like. Probably like a square, right?”
  • While we were eating shaved ice, DLJ said, “oh god it’s so cold here” and jumped up and ran outside of the dessert restaurant. In reality, he was actually paying for our dessert in whole.
  • DLJ put on an amazing pair of pants.
  • We went to another paid Alice Project show and DLJ dropped the big bucks to buy group chekis with Oz, Steam Girls, AND Alice Juban.
  • DLJ sweat so much at the 2 Alice Project shows that he changed his shirt TWICE. The second shirt he changed into was the signed OZ shirt he bought and got signed for 3000 yen.
  • During Alice Project shows, DLJ ran up to the front to get all kinds of intimate with the other wota having fun at the front of the crowd.
  • At the end of the night of the 2 Alice Project shows, DLJ said, “I don’t want to you to think I’m a womanizer”